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Benefits of ORA Membership/Rafflesians' Card



You will receive a unique @rafflesian.com email address free, as well as fee waiver for your UOB ORA VISA Credit Card, as long as you remain an ORA member. In additon, you will also enjoy special rates at net-working events, seminars and talks organised by ORA.




You will immediately be able to access the network of Rafflesians within the ORA and leverage off the experiences of these Rafflesians, both in the private and public sector. Also, make full use of this opportunity to organise class reunions, find old schoolmates, and be kept informed of the on-goings in the Raffles Family, all through the ORA.




Gain full access to the array of ORA Portal's features! Do log on to www.rafflesian.com for more details.
You will get a complimentary car-decal when you sign up as a life Member*.


Especially for the Graduating Class


As an ORA member, you will have access to the ORA electronic newsletter/broadcasts, and be able to link up with fellow Rafflesians all over Singapore and the world.


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